Five-Steps to Success

The Program

Milestones Financial offers a five-step planning program that includes.........

Relationship Building

It is Milestone Financial's goal to get to know every potential client and make sure both parties are compatible with each other.

Comprehensive Fact Finding

It is essential for Milestones Financial to know the background and financial concerns of its clients before offering any financial advice.

Financial Profile

Milestones Financial is pleased to offer clients an in-depth financial profile.  The profile allows both the company and the client to conceptualize the client's current financial situation.


Implentation the client's current financial situation does not meet his or her objectives, Milestones Financial will make several recommendations for change.  It is then the client's choice whether to implement those recommendations.

Continued Service

Financial strategies need to be nurtured and managed.  As clients grow, their needs change.  It is Milestone Financial's goal to grow with its clients and help meet their objectives.