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 In order to help you set and work towards your financial goals, We like to touch base with you periodically. Please scan the list below and check any areas you would like to discuss or things that may have changed since we visited last.Since Our Last Review, I Have/Am I Would Like To Discuss

Entered New Business/Occupation             Mutual Funds

 Acquired Group Insurance `                       Child/Spouse Insurance

Had A Child                                                   Mortgage Protection 

Expecting A Child                                          Medicare Supplement

Acquired New Debt/Mortgage Increase      Retirement Income

Quit Smoking                                                IRAs/Pensions

Changed My Marital Status                         Estate Conservation

Experienced A Change in Health                 Health Insurance

Change My Number of Dependents            Long Term Care Insurance

College Education Funding                          Disability Income Insurance

 Annuities                                                  Other                              

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